Hydrobaths provide an effective, enjoyable and stress free way to wash any dog in comfort. The hydrobath comes with a built in heating unit, filter and pump.

The unit creates a warm, pressurised therapeutic shower that will massage your dog. By using our Special All Natural Flea Rinse Shampoo we’re able to ensure a deep permeating wash through your dogs coat.

The specialised Twin Tub hydrobath is also available for conditioning or rinsing.

Hydrobaths are safe and suitable for all dog sizes and breeds.

View our step by step process below.


A balance of warm and cold water is added to the Hydrobath. The water will be a comfortable temperature for your dog.


Our Special All Natural Flea Rinse Shampoo is added to the Hydrobath.


Now the bath is prepared the dog can hop into the bathtub. A short lead is available to help keep your pooch in one place and prevent any escapees.


It’s bath time! The water and our Special Flea Rinse Shampoo is pumped through the shower nozzle to give a deep cleanse. Even the dirties dog can be cleaned.


A fresh chamois is used to wash the face of your dog. Much more friendly than using the hose.


We make sure we clean everywhere for your dog. Special tissues are used to clean the doos ears.


The chamois is used again to pat down your dog and absorb any moisture remaining in their coat.


Alternatively is the Automated Doggy Spin Dry method although this leaves more water on the washer than the dog :-)


To leave your dog smelling fresh and with a lasting shiny coat we apply our Special Scent Deoderiser.


For being so well behaved all dogs are treated with a free doggy treat!

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